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about standing OUT from the COMPETITION?


Standing out from the competition is a real challenge!

There are a lot of high-quality tourist offers and yours is one of them,

but it's difficult to get noticed.

We understand that feeling of discouragement,

as we have also managed a tourist accommodation.

You work hard to promote your jewel,

but the results are not always up to par.

After several attempts, we have found THE SECRET to standing out!

We would like to share it with you!

A CINEMATIC VIDEO... is what you need!

We told you that having a website with beautiful photos is essential.

But that's no longer enough!

With all the video platforms, we have to capture people's attention in a fraction of a second.

Your customers want to be able to project themselves at your place as if they were already there.

That's where we come in!

We will create a video for you, not just any video, a travel cinematic that will tell a captivating story where your client will only have one desire, to book and take the road to visit you.

Make your customers dream!!!!

The story of a Quebecer who opened a

resort in the heart of the Laotian jungle.

Only 3 STEPS

from Dream to Project to Action Plan


Consultation and Planning

Consultation et planification

In 30 minutes, we get to know each other

and assess your needs and vision.


Shooting and editing

Tournage et montage

We hit the road to

visit your paradise!

We take the time

to capture the most beautiful images

and return to our editing room

to prepare your Hollywood film for you!




We will send you your new

marketing secret

to share with the world.

All you have to do is

fill up your booking schedule!

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Come see what we have to offer

We are Michèle and Martin from Trip Voyages

Hello, we are travel enthusiasts and have been in the tourism industry for thirty years. We have traveled to every continent, and are hybrid travelers. We can use rolling suitcases, but we prefer backpacks.

For the past 8 years, we have become content creators, telling stories through images.

As photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and speakers, we have made five feature films that were shown in over 50 cinemas in Quebec.

We are also invited to perform in theaters, libraries and municipalities.

We also offer our services to local businesses with a tourism focus, to present their company through a travel cinematic.

We want to share our vision of travel with you.

We believe that you can travel anywhere and it starts around your home.

If you have a project in mind, we are here to help you make it a reality.

But why entrust your project to us?

Here's what our clients say:

We don't want to brag, but we're going to do it anyway!!!

We are quite proud of the testimonials received from our customers.

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"The production of our company's promotional video allowed people to discover our offer in just a few minutes through both words and images.

It was an amazing product that came at the right time in the context of starting a business. It traveled through social media and certainly contributed to the success of our company project.

Michèle and Martin make a great team,

they are passionate and creative, I highly recommend them without hesitation!''

-Marie-Josée Dugas et Serge Boulanger,


La Ruelle Hébergement et Fourrure

logo les Aventuriers Voyageurs

"Since 2014 Michèle and Martin have shot and edited 5 feature films for Les Aventuriers Voyageurs, which have been presented on the big screen

in more than 50 theaters across Quebec.

They are talented, meticulous, reliable and professional directors.

Their assembly is always of high quality

and they really know how to take great ground and drone footage!

They definitely have a very developed artistic side.

Michèle and Martin are passionate and dedicated people who work hard and well.

Do not hesitate to do business with them to obtain a quality product,

who will meet your expectations!"

-Marie Bolduc Béliveau,

operations director,

Les Aventuriers Voyageurs

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"Having had the chance to collaborate with Michèle and Martin over the past year,

I can testify to their contagious passion

and their enthusiasm for the projects they undertake.

They know how to carry out their achievements with professionalism and rigor

in order to achieve the highest standards.

Their dynamism, their smile and their positive energy inspire

and contribute to making their presence more enjoyable!

Looking forward to working with you on new projects."

-Richard-Olivier Jeanson,

CEO and Co-Founder,


vidéastes tournage

Automate your reservations

No need for explanations, the video does it for you!

Less worries

You will definitely stand out from the competition.

Be confident

From our experience in the tourist industry,

know that we understand exactly your challenges

and that we can help you stand out!

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***Each of the packages is made with high quality audio and video material.

Each video will be edited on professional image and sound processing software.

All delivered to meet your objectives specified during our discussions.***

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